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Celebrate Small Business

The Buena Vista community prides itself on the many small businesses in our town. In a world of increasing big business consolidation, one of the very special things about Buena Vista is the robust small business economy. The Chamber encourages you to close that online shopping tab and shop local first whenever possible. Neighbors supporting neighbors is what small town living is all about.

Local businesses create the spice and flavor of our community. The Chamber supports the kind of community that arises when passionate people unleash their creativity and share their expertise and vision with others.

Supporting local business keeps our town interesting, unique and thriving.

Photo Credit: Chaffee County Visitors Bureau
Photo Credit: Chaffee County Visitors Bureau

Connect with Nature

Spending time in nature is a cornerstone of life in Buena Vista, Colorado.

From adventures like white water rafting, kayaking and back country skiing, to slow strolls through the hills, a peaceful paddle on a high altitude water, or identifying local wild flowers, your time here will help you become more in tune with the pulse of nature's ecosystems in the Rocky Mountains.

The Chamber encourages you to practice Leave No Trace when on the trails, rivers, lakes and campsites. It's important for each person who visits here and lives here to do their part to protect the delicate high altitude ecosystems so they can remain beautiful and abundant for generations to come.

Please also note, these are big, wild mountains. Do not take the beauty or the dangers for granted. Become knowledgeable about how to stay safe in the face of high altitude weather and wildlife.

The BV Chamber

The Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce is a membership based organization. Our work is to support our members which can be businesses, nonprofits, government entities, and individuals within the Buena Vista community and surrounding areas.

We are a hub for connection, inspiration and engagement. We believe that increased participation and conversation helps make work and business  more fun, more successsful and creates a better future for the whole community.

The role and mission of the Chamber has evolved over the years. In earlier days, the Chamber ran several large events to attract tourists to our community to support local businesses. As many new and wonderful  events have sprung up around town, the Chamber has evolved towards a focus on supporting our members in numerous new ways. We continue to assess the needs of the members and rise to meet them.

Photo Credit: Chaffee County Visitors Bureau

Events in Buena Vista, Colorado

A mecca for events throughout the year. From running races to paddling competitions, live music and food, kid friendly and more… explore our Events Feed to plan your time in BV.

All Chamber Members are eligible to post to our Events Feed! Need to get the word out about your event? Join the Chamber and we'll help spread the word!


Photo Credit: Chaffee County Visitors Bureau

Mark Your Calendar

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Weekly Announcements from Chamber Members

Keep up with local businesses here! Enjoy ongoing conversation through our Weekly Announcements.

All Chamber Members are eligible to post to our Weekly Announcements Feed! Communicate with your customers! Join the Chamber and we'll help you connect!

Photo Credit: Chaffee County Visitors Bureau

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