Our annual dinner was another amazing evening of breaking bread, celebrating and having fun TOGETHER! Thank you to all who participated, thank you to all who contribute and thank you to all who take the time & energy to keep this tradition going ♥ ♥

This time together may mean something different for each person individually, but I’d like to share what it means to me…  
This town, this place – well, it is simply amazing with all of the outdoor splendor, views, nature, river, mountains and distinctly one of the most beautiful places on earth!
BUT… the most beautiful thing (to me) is the long standing, steadfast heart of the people of our community.  We have so many amazing “life” things happen here, but we have also seen our “fair share” of tragedy and there is just something SO special about our people – good times and sad – that open hearts and open arms embrace, support, love and protect each other. 
This tradition began with a beloved local family’s private story years ago and thanks to many, continues on with the love, care and support we have for each other.
How blessed we are that we can all (and there’s a LOT of us 🙂 ) come together once a year to celebrate what we get to be a part of and to recommit to “WE ARE #BVSTRONG“!
~ Heather Rupska

If you would like to contribute a little to help keep this tradition going, please visit bvstrong.com

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