Volunteers are an essential part of the Mini-Blessings team.  Without their support, we would not be able to continue providing and expanding our services to the Chaffee County community. 

Tasks that volunteers can assist with include:

Working with the Horses:

1.Horse care:  grooming, exercising, feeding, poop scooping

2. Mini handling:  come along with the minis on visits to schools, medical facilities, private homes, speaking engagements, and community events.  

Farm Maintenance: 

  1. Mowing, clean up, fence repair
  2. Help with maintenance of sensory garden and sensory trail
  3. Help with maintenance and expansion of agility course    

Organization Assistance         

1. Graphic design : keeping website, social media, brochures up to date

2. Advertising:  public outreach to organizations and individuals that would benefit from our service

3. Fundraising:  we need help in organizing as well as participating in fundraising activities

            4. Grant writing

Contact  Jan Wheeler-Kitzman at 719) 239-0145 for more intormation, or if you are interested in volunteering.





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