Job Description

At Colorado Solar Energy (CSE), we pride ourselves on continuous evolution. We’re searching for a highly skilled project manager to contribute to CSE’s growth. The ideal candidate will have office and customer service experience as well as strong work plan development and progress oversight skills. He/She will be expected to oversee projects at all stages ensure all deliverables are effective and precise.  

Objectives of this Role

  • Organize scheduling of CSE project and sales activities
  • Communicate effectively with leads, customers, and co-workers on expectations and punctuality
  • Maintain relationships with county/state permitting departments
  • Build and develop the project team to ensure maximum performance, providing purpose, direction, and motivation
  • Lead projects from requirements definition through deployment, identifying schedules, scopes, budget estimations, and project implementation plans, including risk mitigation
  • To coordinate internal and external resources, ensuring projects remain within scope, schedule, and defined budgets, in collaboration with project staff from various functional departments
  • Analyze project progress and, when necessary, adapt scope, timelines, and costs to ensure that project team adheres to project requirements
  • Establish and maintain relationships with appropriate client stakeholders, providing day-to-day contact on project status and changes

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance and timeliness of all permitting is complete
  • Schedule and communicate project timelines
  • Establish and maintain processes to manage scope over the project lifecycle, setting project quality and performance standards, and assessing and managing risk within, and across, multiple projects
  • Manage project projections and timelines
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with outside resources—including third-party vendors and researchers
  • Monitor and assign resources appropriately to streamline project efficiency and maximize deliverable outputs
  • Communicate with customers and vendors daily through phone, email and in person
  • Complete sale’s meeting with new and existing customers

Preferred Qualifications

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Strong attention to deadlines and budgetary guidelines
  • Previous office experience
  • Experience with Process Management
  • Previous sales experience preferred
  • Strong reporting skills.

Contact us at: 

719-395-0191 or

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