July 26, 2022
6:00 PM – Meet and Greet With Town Administrator Finalist
Members of the community will have an opportunity to meet the final candidate and
informally give feedback to the Trustees
Regular Meeting at 7:00 PM

The Board of Trustee meetings are held at the Community Center and are open to the public.
Staff and the Public are encouraged to attend the meeting virtually.
715 E. Main Street, Buena Vista, Colorado

To attend the meeting virtually or to participate in Public Comment and/or Public Hearings,
you must connect to the video conference.
Conferencing Access Information: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88075048459 Password: 971317
Listen via phone at 1-301-715-8592 Meeting ID: 880 7504 8459 Password: 971317

With Philip Puckett transitioning into the role of Town Treasurer, the search has been on for our new Town Administrator. We all have the opportunity to meet the final candidate, Lisa Parnell-Rowe, and informally give feedback to the Trustees.

This information on Lisa Parnell-Rowe is from the Board of Trustees July 12, 2022 Meeting Packet. CLICK HERE for full packet.

The Committee unanimously recommends hiring Lisa Parnell-Rowe as the new Town Administrator. She holds a
substantial depth and diversity of experience and education that the Committee believes make her exceptionally
well qualified for this position. Highlights include:
Professional Experience
• Development Services Director for Hastings, Nebraska (pop. 24,000) Current position.
• Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer (3-part position) for Creighton, Nebraska (pop. 1,100)
• City planner for Woodland Park, Colorado (pop. 7,000+)
• Extensive contract management, process improvement and quality assurance experience within
the defense and aerospace industries
• A total of 15 years of supervisory experience in planning, administration, building, contracts,
economic and community development, media services, utilities, sewer and water operations,
library and police
• Master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA) with a specialization in urban planning and
community development
• Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice (double major)
In addition, Lisa is personable, well-spoken, poised and positive. She impressed the Committee with her writing
skills, her ability to think creatively and quickly on her feet and her dedication to community engagement as a
governance tool. She demonstrated a strong work ethic throughout a rigorous first interview and writing
exercise. She also responded impressively during a second interview targeted intensely at assessing her sincere
interest in – and overall suitability for – the role and team she would inherit were she to be selected as Buena
Vista’s Town Administrator.
Her long-term career goal has been and remains working in municipal governance. She is eager to return to
Colorado, where she lived previously and has vacationed frequently. She owns a rental home in Divide,
Colorado, and hopes to eventually retire in the state. She is prepared to begin work in August.
In summary, the Committee is in full agreement that Lisa’s experience, education, commitment to public service
and connection to Colorado make her an ideal selection for the position of Town Administrator.

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