What is the name of your business?

Luminessence Photography

How long have you been in existence?

just over 6 years


How long have you been a Chamber member?

4 years

How is your business different?

I love photography and I LOVE people! My studio is the great outdoors and my niche is lifestyle or storytelling photos. I strive to capture personality and emotion in my pictures. I spend time connecting with everyone I photograph, that is SO important and I believe the key to capturing the essence of who they are and the story they have to tell.  Why Luminessence? I believe that beauty, true beauty cannot be found on the cover of a magazine and it is not always adequately portrayed in the media. Beauty is something we all possess. Something that radiates deep within us. What we perceive to be our own imperfections are indeed what makes us uniquely beautiful. That is what I strive to capture, your inner light, your Luminessence.

My favorite shots are the before and after, the in between poses shots (although I do those too).  To me, candid photography tells a story and truly captures the emotions behind the moments-your moments. We all have a story to tell, I hope that you will let me be a part of telling yours.


What is your name?

Kim Wilcoxson


What does your Chamber membership mean to your business?

Being a member of the Chamber has helped get my business name out there! I have had many of my photos in the Chamber Guide over the years and believe the website has also been beneficial in helping me advertise.




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