Legacy Brick Campaign

because Every Brick has a story to Tell

We love our town and everything about it!
When you live in or visit BV, you get to…


This is an opportunity for *everyone to leave their legacy in Buena Vista.
What will YOUR legacy be?

Our town has a time-honored history of community, especially when it comes to music.
That is part of what makes this project SO exciting!!

A friend (and long-standing member of our community) saw a need and has graciously given funds to build a beautiful, covered, raised platform stage in McPhelemy Park for our entire community to enjoy for years to come!

With live music, plays, dance, poetry, achievement celebrations, demonstrations, 4th of July Freedom Fest, Gold Rush Days and numerous other events: this project will meet a large and ongoing community need.


The stage design has a “mountain-contemporary” style and offers a performance area of 15’ x 27’.
It is 12’ high with steel and wood beams being the primary design materials.
Electrical services will be brought to the stage to enhance the experience for both spectators and performers.




The Town of Buena Vista has approved the project and with the support of the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce we bring you the “Leave Your Legacy in BV” campaign. With this, every member of our community will be able to participate by purchasing personalized bricks that will make up a 9’ circular statement in front of the stage.



As we are all aware, costs of everything have increased and the funds
raised through this campaign will help make this dream a reality.
We hope you are as excited as we are about this addition to our amazing town.
Thank you for partnering with us and leaving YOUR legacy in BV!

*We are launching this campaign with 300 bricks available. Deadline to purchase bricks is July 31, 2022.