Introducing our NEWEST SERVICE to SIMPLIFY your life!

Buena Vista Drug is pleased to introduce our Peak Care Packs in partnership with PakMyMeds, a new service designed to prevent dangerous medication errors for patients taking multiple prescriptions. Our Peak Care Packs removes the guesswork for patients, by allowing the pharmacy to pre-sort and package patient medications, labeling each dose by day, date and time. The convenient, easy-to-open packaging makes taking prescribed medications safe and hassle-free.

“Peak Care Packs eliminates the confusion and inconvenience for patients taking a large number of daily medications,” said Lucas Smith, Owner and Pharmacist, Buena Vista Drug “The date-and-time stamped pouches mean no more pill sorting and fewer errors”

Peak Care Packs allows for greater independence in care-at-home situations, and can accommodate prescriptions, OTC meds, and even supplements.

Easily simplify your life by letting us package your medications for you in convenient pouches marked by dosage, day, date and time. All you need to do is contact us at the phone or email listed below. Let us know the name of your doctor and insurance provider and we will transfer your medications for you.

Say “goodbye” to pill bottles and “hello” to healthy living.


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