Hello Chaffee County!

It’s great to finally meet you and live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We are Crystal Mountain Cleaning & Maintenance. A group of like minded individuals that broke out on our own. Away from the Arctic Tundra of Park and Summit Counties, looking to de-thaw after over a decade of Winter.

After years of dreaming that Chaffee County would someday be home and not a camping, dirt-bike, 4wheeling destination, we have arrived! We brought with us our belongings and hard work ethic too. Our company’s skill sets include a wide variety of traits and talents. Together, we bring over 15 years experience in Housekeeping, General Handyman and Construction. 

What do you or a loved one need help with?

We know from experience that busy schedules lead to chores and fix-it lists, low on the to-do list, after a busy work week. Maybe you find that after weeks of saying you will get to it, it might just be a relief to call in back up. Cleaning never ends, we know. Those dishes won’t wash themselves.                                                                                                
*Speaking of kitchens, did you know that the kitchen sink has more germs than your toilet?
We can make it a Crystal Mountain Clean Kitchen.

Did that bathroom get cleaned this weekend or, did you go hiking instead to get some fresh air?                                                            *Whenever you flush your toilet, “toilet plumes” or small waste particles get sprayed into the air, which you can inhale or can attach itself on your toothbrush. Starting today, make it a habit to close the lid before flushing the toilet.
We can make it a Crystal Mountain Clean Bathroom.

Come home to a Crystal Mountain Clean.

Crystal Mountain Cleaning & Maintenance

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