The Chaffee County Board of Commissioners have released $150,000 in Coronavirus Relief Fund Dollars to the Chaffee County Community Foundation to provide COVID Relief to local small businesses. The new Chaffee County GRANT and No-Cost Solutions will assist our local foodservice industries and small businesses keep their customers, employees and students as safe as possible and keep their businesses open. Several of our air quality products qualify for the grants. See our flyers below to see which units may keep your customers and employees healthy during the COVID Pandemic.

All Small Businesses are encouraged to apply. Businesses that are subject to reduced occupancy like restaurants and retail get priority.  

Grants are limited to $5,000 max. The money must all be allocated by December 31st.  See the flyer below to see which one of our products will quality for this grant.  Contact us ASAP to work you up a quote for your application.  CLICK HERE for details from Chaffee County Community Foundation. 

Contact us today!

Chris Martin, P.E.
NetZero Rocky Mountains

Ryan Martin
NetZero Rocky Mountains

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