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5:58 am, March 24, 2023

About Buena Vista

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Buena Vista Correctional Facility

The Buena Vista Correctional Complex (BVCC) is located approximately one mile south of Buena Vista, Colorado, in the shadow of the Collegiate Peaks Mountain Range.

The complex is comprised of three separate components: the main facility which houses 871 medium and close custody inmates; the Buena Vista Minimum Center (BVMC) which houses 288 minimum-restrictive custody inmates; and the Colorado Correctional Alternative Program (CCAP) or Boot Camp which houses 100 minimum custody inmates.

The complex was originally opened in 1892 as the Colorado State Reformatory (CSR), a facility for juvenile offenders. The reformatory was built in 1891 by 37 inmates from the Colorado State Penitentiary. During the early years, all able-bodied inmates worked primarily in ranching assignments on the 1,000 acres appropriated to the reformatory. By 1922, CSR housed 209 boys in a facility designed for 106. A small medical unit was built in 1920 and in 1947 an academic school program was inaugurated.

The reformatory evolved from a juvenile facility to a medium custody adult prison in 1978 and was renamed Buena Vista Correctional Facility. A modular component was added in 1984 and a boot camp facility in 1991. It was renamed the Buena Vista Correctional Complex (BVCC) in 1999 as a result of its multi custody status. Today, the BVCC is one of the state’s largest correctional facilities with a capacity of 1,259. The complex is approximately 65% double bunked.

The main facility consists of five housing units: Segregation, Admission & Orientation, South Unit, East Unit, and North Unit. The segregation unit houses administrative segregation, punitive segregation, hold close, removal from population, and mental health observation inmates. Admission and Orientation houses newly received inmates, restricted privileges inmates, and general population. The other three units inside the main facility house general population inmates and provide a parity of conditions. An internal incentive program is utilized in these units. The BVCC main facility houses close, medium and minimum custody inmates in the general population.


The Buena Vista Correctional Complex is unique in the availability of inmate programs. Ten academic classes and eleven vocational programs are offered. In addition, inmates can find assignments with the correctional Industries Leather Shops, in institutional support services, in food services, janitorial or clerical. BVCC houses Colorado’s only inmate operated fish rearing unit, producing 225,000 trout yearly. This highly successful program is the result of a cooperative effort with the Division of Wildlife. BVCC’s Vocational Heavy Equipment and the Division of Wildlife have agreed to rehabilitate the headwaters of the South Platte River in South Park.


BVCC has been involved in several remodeling projects over the past year including the East Unit relocking project, a new medical building and the BVMC replacement project.

BVMC is situated within the security perimeter fence of the complex. Currently housing 288 inmates, the minimum center consists of three multi-story housing units, new programs and administrative/security buildings recreation facilities. This unit supplies Correctional Work Program (CWP) inmates to the surrounding communities to provide a myriad of services. In addition, the CWP sign shop fabricates signs for multiple agencies. The program saves the taxpayers of Chaffee, Lake, and park counties over $600,000 per year, based on in-kind services.


The BVCC mission is to provide a lawful, secure correctional framework within an environment of humane treatment and professionally applied standards and procedures; to provide offenders with programs that enhance management control and provide self improvement opportunities to assist them in becoming law abiding citizens; to provide continuing improving quality of services to all stakeholders.


The complex has a proud heritage of attracting quality, highly professional staff at all levels. The management believes in empowering staff in the decision making process and in the effectiveness of a culturally diverse workforce. Career opportunities exist in Custody and Control (housing and security), clerical, academic and vocational education, the business office, Clinical Services (medical, dental or mental health), food services, Physical Plant (maintenance), laundry, warehouse and other more specialized area. Call the Public Information Officer at (719) 395-7203 for more information.