Fridays 5:30-8:30 pm

We love our community and all of the wonderful partnerships!

JalaBlu Collective hosts a weekly Vinyasa + Happy Hour Class.

All-Levels Vinyasa Yoga + Happy Hour (Bilingual: English + Spanish) – A vinyasa style class that embraces a mindful asana sequence that allows the breath to connect to movement. Starting with a feel-good warmup and options along the way for each practitioner to ‘choose their own adventure.’

This unique class is Bilingual English/Spanish with every other sentence in the other language. Following this fun ALL LEVELS opportunity is followed by Happy Hour to embrace community and conversation at the The Cellar On Railroad right below jalaBlu Collective Healing.

$1 off Beer & $2 off Wine at the Cellar on Railroad

Purchase Tickets through JalaBlu Collective