We’re happy to announce our next Conscious Discipline Virtual Parent Night with Amy Speidel on Thursday, January 12th from 7-8:00pm.

Amy will discuss: The Skill of Building Decision Makers: how providing choices helps children have the ability to accept the consequences (positive and negative) as the outcome of personal choice.

We realize it can be a difficult time to commit to, but please know this is a kid-friendly, relaxed, open-forum training. It’s not unusual for attendees to have babies in their laps, toddlers putting their favorite toys in front of the camera, or teachers preparing their rooms for the next day! Some find it easier to attend knowing they can still go about their nightly routines.

Please register at your earliest convenience and no later than 1/11/23 by visiting HERE
If you have any questions or need information please contact Becky Merklein at: bmerklein@ccecc.org