Date(s) - 09/08/2020
All Day

Buena Vista Public Library

Pick up kits. Make cool stuff. Show it off.
For more information or to sign up call 719-395-8700 or email

September 2020

Pre- K: Bugs & Insects
9/8: Caterpillar Project
9/14: Coffee Filter Butterflies
9/21: Clothespin Bugs
9/28: Snail Egg Cups

LIVE 9/16 @ 10:00 am
Slugs vs. Bumblebees stories and game

LIVE 9/23 @ 10:00 am
Create Together and Bug Bingo

K – 2nd: Nature Art: Sticks, Leaves, Rocks, and Trees
9/8: Stick Paintings
9/14: Painted Leaf Rocks
9/21: Natural Paint Brushes
9/28: Neighborhood Tree Guide

LIVE 9/23 @ 4 :00 pm
Paint and Tell

3rd – 5th: Exploring Watercolor Technique
9/8: Technique: Wet on Wet
9/14: Technique: Salt and Spatter
9/21: Technique: Sticker Resist and Plastic Wrap
9/28: Culminating/Capstone Project

LIVE 10/1 @ 4 :00 pm
Art Show

Kits are available on the dates listed, while supplies last. LIVE events are via Zoom

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