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River + Tree Inn
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River + Tree Inn

River + Tree Inn is a women-founded, multi-functional Inn catered to group stays, any type of retreat, rehearsal dinner, intimate wedding ceremony, private events (such as company on-site meetings, cooking class demos, group wine tasting experience) and a space for filming or photo shoots. The Inn can sleep up to 12 people for group stays and for events, it can fit 30-45 people depending on the request and setup. Additional services provided on the third floor space are group and private yoga classes, Holy Fire Reiki sessions and meditation. Additional services can be arranged such as acupuncture, massage, sound healing and music practice space.

Marisa Christie and Kelsey Otsuka are the founders of River + Tree Inn and this idea came to fruition after working together at the same company in San Francisco, feeling an immediate soul sister connection and then traveling together around South America for a few years. They then quickly established roots in Chicago for a few years to purchase a space that they fully rented out as a beta Inn, while continuing to work full-time corporate jobs and waiting patiently for the right time to make the move to the mountains. They landed in Buena Vista in August 2019 with the purpose of providing a calm and loving space centrally located, to give back and be an integral part of the community and the beautiful growth and evolution of the town. 

424 Cedar St
Buena Vista
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