Mt. Antero Treasures

Mt. Antero Treasures
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Mt. Antero Treasures, located at 331 E. Main St. Buena Vista, Colorado, creates and sells jewelry made with precious gems mined from nearby Mt. Antero.  At 14,275 feet, Mt. Antero is one of Colorado’s highest peaks. Though treacherous, its landscape is home to some of the world’s richest mineral deposits.

Mt. Antero was first mined for beryllium in 1952 by Grady Cardwell. In time, however, he discovered a rich resource for several types of gems. With growing demand for such gems, the Cardwell family began mining for aquamarine, blue topaz, phenakite crystals, purple and blue fluorite, and more.

Today, Cardwell’s mining operation is run by his grandson, Craig Cardwell (a 4th generation miner), and Craig’s wife, Tracie. Using rough cut gems mined from Mt. Antero, Craig and Tracie work with cut houses and jewelers across the country to create beautifully set rings, earrings, and necklaces—pieces available for purchase at their Buena Vista storefront or online.  IN FACT, they will make YOU a beautiful custom piece.  How cool is that local gems, locally mined and locally created! 


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