Mission Of Life – Behrman Ministries

Mission Of Life – Behrman Ministries

Mission of Life – Behrman Ministries is a non-profit ministry bringing aid to developing countries in the form of medical mission teams, visiting children’s homes and training leaders in local churches to help.

The ministry was founded by Bill and Ginger Behrman in 1993. Their first opportunity was to go to India and Nepal. They spent almost three months in that part of the world and after returning home, doors began to open in several parts of the world for them to minister. The ministry is based out of their home here in Buena Vista!

Mission Of Life – Behrman Ministries provides training in Minister’s Training Schools in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. At this date, they have ministered in 32 countries, and return to many of these countries multiple times. In addition, they also been involved in Minister’s Conferences in Nepal and Burma. Plus, they have been privileged to help in the purchasing of land and the building of many churches in Nepal. They have also been involved in the translating and printing of literature in that country. Furthermore, they help in the support and purchase of equipment for the native missionaries.

Bill and Ginger’s son Scott, and his wife Sue are also involved with Mission of Life – Behrman Ministries. Taking a step of faith they have joined and have positioned themselves to embrace the call to empower the church to take the gospel where it has never gone before. One of their focuses in ministry has been the nation of Nepal where they have helped in planting churches, hosting medical camps and holding ministers conferences.

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