The Colorado Arts Relief program is a funding initiative passed by the State of Colorado legislature to support arts, cultural and entertainment artists, crew members and organizations suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications are due on January 8, 2021 at 4:00 pm MST.

This initiative directs up to $7.5 million for relief payments to eligible artists, crew members and organizations. Funding through this bill will be distributed through two separate grant applications:

  • Colorado Arts Relief—Individuals
  • Colorado Arts Relief—Business and Organization

Individual Grants

Individuals can apply to receive grants up to $2,500 designed to assist arts, culture, and entertainment artists and crew members who are experiencing income loss due to government-mandated closures and have been unable to generate meaningful income to replace income lost through the cancellation of events, classes, performances, and other related work. View the guidelines and application

Business and Organization Grants

Businesses and organizations can apply to receive general operating support grants to arts, culture, and entertainment organizations who operate under a business model in which ticket sales and/or physical foot traffic direct a significant portion of total annual revenue that has been financially affected by venue closures due to the pandemic. View the guidelines and application.

These key economic tools foster economic stability and recovery by retaining Colorado’s arts industry jobs and businesses while preserving community cultural assets strained during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Contact Information

Prior to contacting a staff member, applicants should read the guidelines thoroughly.
Applicants seeking assistance with the program and eligibility requirements are advised to email Leigh Kargol at RedLine Contemporary Art Center well in advance of the application deadline.
Applicants seeking assistance with the grant portal are advised to email CCI staff well in advance of the application deadline.

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