If you would like a Chaffee’s Got Heart yard sign or sticker, call the Chamber and schedule a time to pick them up today! 719.395.6612

The Chaffee’s Got Heart Campaign reminds our community to:

H:  Hang at Home if Sick

E:  Excel at Handwashing

A:  Always Wear a Mask

R:  Respect Social Distancing

T:  Test if You Have Symptoms

It’s important that we as a community come together now to be a part of this important effort because we are at a critical turning point in the pandemic. And we’ve come so far over the past 8 months…let’s not stop short of the mountain top.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chaffee County has been successful in slowing the virus through solutions-based approaches while preserving those things that are special to us.  We have united with our neighbors to keep even our most vulnerable in Chaffee County strong and healthy. We must continue to be diligent in our efforts. This is about our community. This is not about politics or politicians. This is not about the Front Range or any other urban areas. This is about what is right for Chaffee County.

Let’s keep our businesses open, kids in school and people in their jobs. Let us show that Chaffee’s Got HEART. Our whole community deserves it.

For more information, visit www.chaffeesgotheart.org

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