January 25, 2022

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Chaffee’s Got HEART to Launch Kindness Campaign in February

Chaffee County, Colorado- Chaffee’s Got HEART, a group of local stakeholders from the business, tourism, and public health sectors established to help support the community through the COVID-19 pandemic, is excited to announce that it is launching a kindness campaign throughout the month of February.  The “Chaffee County Kindness in Action” campaign will launch on February 1st, highlighting the many ways – both big and small – we can act with kindness and compassion towards each other for the benefit of us all.

The Chaffee’s Got HEART group recognizes that the past few years have been exceptionally difficult for many of our community members and businesses. In response, Chaffee County Kindness in Action is meant to offer a positive boost, by both acknowledging the sacrifices and challenges we’ve faced together and celebrating the community-focused spirit, shared humanity, and compassionate generosity that makes Chaffee County exceptionally special.  The campaign, which will also recognize February 17th as National Random Acts of Kindness Day, is a month-long celebration of kindness and encourages all of us to actively seek opportunities to do kind and caring things for our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and service workers.  Examples of random acts of kindness include shoveling snow for a neighbor, sharing a compliment or encouraging word with a stranger, leaving extra gratuity with a bill, or paying for the next person in line’s coffee. Chaffee County Kindness in Action gives us all a chance to lift up each other’s spirits and inspire kindness across the community as we embark on a new year filled with hope and healing. 

Chaffee’s Got HEART will be encouraging community members to submit their photos of “kindness in action” to the Chaffee’s Got HEART Facebook page and media outlets.  The public’s additions will expand the campaign materials and messaging from Chaffee’s Got HEART, and help make this a truly community-wide movement; everyone is welcome to participate.  Community partners are also being asked to help promote this kindness campaign through their communications channels. 

“Kindness in Action IS Chaffee County.  The last several years have been very dynamic and challenging, from the Decker Fire to COVID-19 to behavioral health needs and so on, and emotions are running high.  This Kindness in Action campaign gives us all a chance to focus on what is most important – compassion, care, and kindness.  We hope everyone takes time to make February filled with HEART,” says Keith Baker, Chaffee County Board of Health member and County Commissioner. 

HEART stands for: 

  • Helping our neighbors,
  • Elevating our community,
  • Acting out of love,
  • Respecting our shared humanity, and
  • Treating each other with kindness.

We all know that the people of Chaffee County care about each other.  The Chaffee County Kindness in Action campaign is a chance to show each other how we actively work together to make our county such a special place to live, work, and play.


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