What is the name of your business?

Chaffee County Waste


How long have you been in existence?

Celebrating 10+years


How long have you been a Chamber member?


How is your business different?

Only single stream, residential co-mingle recycler. We are local to BV and family owned. We also just started co-mingle recycle for business in BV and Salida. We also own Mr. Pots that just expanded to Chaffee, Lake and Park county. Our customer service is local as well. NO 800 numbers, you get someone right away.


What is your name?

David Royar


What would you like the community to know about you?

Business owner for over 25 years prior to coming on with Chaffee County Waste. My position is Sales Manager and customer retention. I like to meet and talk with other business owners and there employees. I learn something everyday. My job is to help business owners with there services and I like being a part of the communities I work in.


What does your business do to support the community?

We support the BV Strong Dinner every year. We also support the Habitat for Humanity, Grainery ministries in Salida and many more organizations and events. We fed the workers in September lunch on the Nathrop build for Habitat for Humanity. The owners of Teller Chaffee County Waste are very involved in helping the community.


What does your Chamber membership mean to your business?

Networking and supporting the Chamber. We look up to the Chamber to help us get more business. We also want to help other Chamber members utilize services from our business to help them with there business.




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