Colorado Solar Energy

History: CSE has been installing solar, wind, hydro, and hot water systems for 20 years. In 2005 when the net meter law opened up solar in Colorado, we added a Colorado division. Owner, Ted Palpant operates the Colorado division and is present at every install with his professionally trained team of installers.

Area of service: All of Colorado and some surrounding states.

Colorado installations : Over 550 as of 2013

Equipment used: All equipment sold and used is the latest technology and most current and productive models.

Warranties: All solar PV panels have 25 year warranties, all inverters are 10 years and thermal panels are 10 years and tanks and other apparatus are mostly 5 years. All labor has a 1 year coverage.

Solar PV (electric) systems: CSE installs both grid tied and off grid systems.  Grid tied systems allow your system to be operating at 100 % capacity all year long , and are storing the unused credits on the electric company meter. No Kilowatt hour is ever lost.

Off grid systems of all sizes can meet your electric needs from a simple well pump to a full house or cabin and everything in between.

We do both ground mounts, tracking mounts and roof mounts on commercial, residential or agricultural applications.

Thermal : Hot water systems done serve to supply all the domestic hot water needed as well as a good supply of heating water for radiant floor or baseboard systems. Other water to air  heaters are available also.  

Wind: Systems from 600watts to 5KW are very available. Wind at your site needs to be a regular 10-12 MPH minimum for air to work.

Hydro: Systems work for any site that has a good supply of water and the water has a vertical drop of at least 50’ from intake to exit.

FREE ESTIMATES: Call or email for a free site visit and estimate with options. We are anxious to serve you.

References: . CSE has pages and pages of customers that will give you a reference on our work. We include every customer we have served, because all are happy with their systems.

Pictures of systems and site visits to existing ones are available upon request.


Colorado Solar Energy

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