CBD Hemp Innovations

Welcome the the world of hemp!
Hemp wellness in not a new concept, but Green Compass Global
is committed to bringing you the highest quality, USDA Certified Organic
and the top research in cannabinoids.

Hemp Extract Can Help With:

Whether you’re looking for CBD, THC-Free, Collagen, ingestible or topical-we’ve got you covered!
“Every Body is different” and I want you to have the BEST experience possible with these products.
To set up a personal consultation to learn more about the products most beneficial to you: EMAIL HERE

Green Compass is a vertically integrated Hemp Wellness company, and we’re here to encourage you to take control of your wellness.
Our process is Farm to Family, meaning that we won’t skimp on quality. Our products set the standard, beginning with 6th generation North Carolina farmers, and ending up right on your doorstep.

Green Compass products are safe, reliable, accessible and clean. Every step of the manufacturing process is closely monitored by our staff-we fixate on all the little details to ensure that our products are compliant and effective.


CBD Hemp Innovations

CBD Hemp Innovations
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CBD Hemp Innovations