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Life is a series of stories, let Bertram Media tell yours today!

Whether you are:

~a parent or grandparent that wants to preserve, celebrate and share your legacy with a personal video biography

~a business owner that wants to share their story with potential customers,

~a realtor that wants to help a family imagine living in a new home with drone and walk through videography,

~a bride or event host that wants to capture the moments that are a new chapter in their story through video,

~or someone who needs a new catalogue or brochure designed to promote your business,

Bertram Media is here for you. 


Our fully insured FAA Certified Drone Pilots at Bertram Media provide high-quality videography in Chaffee County and surrounding areas.  Contact us today and let us tell your story!


Betram Media

Betram Media
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Betram Media