234 US-24, Buena Vista

(719) 395-9459 |


What is the name of your business?


How long have you been in existence?

10 years


How long have you been a Chamber member?

Under current ownership, 8/18

How is your business different?

We provide unique made to order food, with fast friendly service. We want every customer to leave with a full belly and a smile on their face. Our team strives to make everyone feel welcome and a part of our Biggies family.


What is your name?

Aleida & Mike


What would you like the community to know about you?

We love Buena Vista, and are so happy to have a business serving this wonderful community. We really appreciate the support we have received from our locals. Biggies is a team effort, we value our team and couldn’t make it without them.


What does your business do to support the community?

We make small donations to student events and sports, as well as the local mission. We hope to do more as time a resources allow in the future.


What does your Chamber membership mean to your business?

The biggest factor for us is the advertising, we do not find ourselves with much time to take advantage of other benefits.




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