Arkansas Valley Digital Imaging

317 E Main St, Buena Vista

719-395-4749  |


What is the name of your business?

Arkansas Valley Digital Imaging

How long have you been in existence?

18 years


How long have you been a Chamber member?

Several Years

How is your business different?

We are a full service photography studio with a store front and art gallery on Main street. Both Luke and Sarah, have over 15 years of experience working as photographers in Buena Vista. We specialize in product photography, real estate photography, artwork duplication and large format printing. We have an indoor studio space with professional lighting for products and portraits. We do all of our printing in house.  We listen to what our clients are looking for. We have consistent hours where customers can stop by at any time. Our clients don’t have to make an appointment to meet us at a coffee shop or our home office. We can take care of anything photo related. We take passport photos. We are able to scan and restore old photos. Our gallery space has fine art photography and other art to decorate your home with. We are friendly, approachable and have the professionalism you would expect from an established local business.


What is your name?

Luke Urbine


What would you like the community to know about you?

That I am active in the community as a leader and representative in many community oriented projects.  Some of these are a member of the BV Rec Advisory Board, Board member of Friends of Browns Canyon, Member of AROA – Ark River Outfitters Assoc., leader with the BSA, active with Chaffee Arts, a videographer for the Salida HS Soccer Team.  We frequently donate to the BVHS, MMS and Boys and Girls Clubs of America. We also hire local students in the summer to provide work experience and financial aid.  That I embrace the local feel of our community and support small business.


What does your business do to support the community?

We have a partnership with Chaffee Arts where we represent a different artist each month in our gallery. We return a portion of the sales to Chaffee Arts. We donate to various programs throughout the year. Luke is a local boy scout troop leader. He also volunteers on the recreation board, Arkansas River Outfitters Association friends of Browns Canyon board. Sarah volunteers on the board of Chaffee Arts. We employ local high school kids each summer and support various local causes through financial donations.


What does your Chamber membership mean to your business?

We are committed to being more active members of the chamber this year. We hope that we will gain new business opportunities, as well as build on current relationships through being involved with the chamber and participating in chamber events.




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