In July 2020, Governor Polis signed Colorado’s first statewide mask order requiring masks to be worn in all public indoor spaces. The Governor has extended the order every 30 days since then.
Effective April 3, the Governor extended the statewide mask mandate, modifying it with two sets of requirements that apply depending on a county’s local metrics.
● The updated Executive Order will continue to require mask-wearing for all counties in schools (including for extracurricular activities), child care centers, indoor children’s camps, public-facing state government facilities, Emergency medical and other healthcare settings (including hospitals, ambulance service centers, urgent care centers, non-ambulatory surgical structures, clinics, doctors’ offices, and non-urgent care medical structures), personal services (i.e. hair salons, nail salons, esthetician services, body art professionals, etc.) and limited health care settings as defined by Public Health Order (PHO) 20-36, congregate care facilities, prisons, and jails.
● In counties with one-week disease incidence rates in excess of 35 per 100,000 — which are currently known in Dial 3.0 as blue, yellow, orange, red, and purple counties — masks must also be worn in public indoor settings where 10 or more unvaccinated individuals or individuals of unknown vaccination status are present.
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