BV-based business consultants David and Amy Lively are hosting a retreat for entrepreneurs and business owners in the Texas hill country on March 2-3. The Accelerate Retreat was created by a team that has been there, done that – and has the t-shirt and the scars to prove it. We’ve faced the same challenges faced by today’s independent business owners – and experienced more success than most. And we’re dealing with the same unknown future in this rapidly changing business climate.

Each speaker and topic for the Accelerate Retreat was carefully chosen to provide insight and strategy, and something we know every entrepreneur thrives on: hope.

Here are a few of the sessions you can look forward to:

  • PENDULUM: THE 80-YEAR CYCLES OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION There is a pattern and it’s 40 years from one extreme to the other. A complete cycle takes 80 years. 2003 was a fulcrum year, as was 1963, its opposite. You’ll gain a new understanding of what happens not just at the tipping point and zenith of each cycle, but what happens halfway between them (psst… that’s next year). You’ll leave Austin knowing exactly why current events are happening. And what will happen next. ROY WILLIAMS, NY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR | THE WIZARD OF ADS

  • YOUR FUTURE SHOPPER Today companies worry about keeping ahead of their competition; while the truly critical issue is keeping pace with their customers. Technological and social advances are forcing companies to embrace authenticity, improve customer experiences, or suffer the consequences. This session will show you how the convergence of communications, logistics and financial technology continue to evolve, as they always have, in order to reduce the friction in the customers’ buying process. You will understand all the ways these technologies will change our professional and personal lives in the near future. If your company isn’t prepared to handle this future, it could be after this session! BRYAN & JEFFREY EISENBERG. B2B & B2C EXPERTS

  • PERSUASION ARCHITECTURE What happens when you combine con­tent and mes­sag­ing improve­ment with aggres­sive ana­lyt­ics and test­ing? Pure wizardry. This “holis­tic” approach to web­site opti­miza­tion bridges the divide between Usability/Optimization/Analytics crowd and per­sua­sive copywriting/Content Mar­ket­ing.  Jeff is also a strong advo­cate and prac­ti­tioner of strate­gies to drive traf­fic and leads for local and regional businesses. JEFF SEXTON, ADVERTISING AND MARKETING CONSULTANT

  • BE LIKE AMAZON: EVEN A LEMONADE STAND CAN DO IT This presentation will help you understand why Amazon dominates every business it enters. And what you can do to compete. There are four pillars. Customer Centricity, Continuous Optimization, Creating a Culture of Innovation, and promoting Corporate Agility. Every company can leverage these same four pillars to thrive. Based on the brothers’ New York Times Bestselling book. BRYAN & JEFFREY EISENBERG, B2B & B2C EXPERTS


The Accelerate Retreat is held at the Wizard Academy in the Texas Hill Country outside Austin. There are 16 deluxe rooms on site at the Academy within a short walk to the classrooms, dining hall, and Whiskey Vault. (Yes, participants can partake of the Whiskey Vault.) Chapel Dulcinea and The Tower anchor the campus, which is adorned with sculptures and art. Delicious on-site catered lunch and dinner are included with all registrations.


The first 16 first 16 attendees will receive deluxe on-site lodging included! 


Attendees may add a guest to their registration for only $99, which includes access to all sessions as well as meals. 

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